Motions To Reopen with USCIS & Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)

A Motion to Reopen may be filed for various reasons, for example, the discovery of new evidence that could impact the outcome of the case, the identification of legal errors in the initial USCIS decision, or the demonstration of changed circumstances that warrant reconsideration. USCIS or the AAO will review the Motion to Reopen, along with any accompanying evidence or arguments to determine whether reopening the case is warranted. If the motion meets the required criteria and presents a meritorious claim, USCIS or the AAO may reopen the case for further consideration.

If the Motion to Reopen is granted, USCIS or the AAO will reconsider the case based on the new evidence or legal arguments presented. The decision may result in the reversal of the initial denial, approval of the application or petition, or other appropriate action. If the Motion to Reopen is denied, individuals or petitioners may have the option to appeal the decision to the appropriate appellate body, such as the AAO or the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), depending on the type of case and the jurisdiction.

Contact our office to help and assist you in navigating the Motion to Reopen process with the USCIS or the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). Through our diligent advocacy and meticulous attention to detail, we have can assist immigrants in presenting compelling motions to  the USCIS and seek reversal of a decision or to the AAO seeking remand back to the USCIS for approval.