USCIS Notice to Appeal (I-290B)

A Notice to Appeal, also known as Form I-290B, is a document used in the immigration process with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It allows individuals to appeal certain USCIS decisions if they believe there was a mistake made in their case or if they disagree with the decision. The Notice to Appeal must include specific reasons or grounds for the appeal. This may include demonstrating errors in the USCIS decision, providing additional evidence or documentation to support the case, or arguing that the decision was incorrect based on applicable immigration law and/or regulation. If the appeal is denied by the USCIS, there may be further options for review, such as filing a motion to reconsider or reopening the case or pursuing other legal remedies through immigration court or other appropriate channels.

A Notice to Appeal is your opportunity to challenge certain USCIS decisions and seek justice if you believe a mistake has been made. Our immigration law firm is equipped to assist clients with Notice to Appeal (Form I-290B) proceedings with USCIS. At our immigration law firm, we will help to navigate these proceedings, drawing upon our deep understanding of immigration law and procedure to help clients like you overcome obstacles and achieve favorable outcomes. We don’t just present arguments–we weave a compelling narrative that resonates with USCIS, demonstrating why your case deserves a second look. And if the appeal is denied, rest assured that we’ll explore every avenue, from filing a motion to reconsider to pursuing all available legal remedies. With us by your side, you’re not just another case–you’re a story of perseverance and determination.